Help Pets Heal

Injuries to the lower limbs of small animals frequently need to be splinted or braced. These dog splints are modeled after human splints for lower leg, ankle and foot injuries. These devices are often recommended by veterinarians for temporary use after injury or during recuperation. The soft neoprene inner material is comfortable and non-binding.


Main features of dog splints:

  • As an alternative treatment for partial Achilles tendon injuries
  • Support following Achilles tendon injuries and carpal & tarsal arthrodesis
  • Rehab from sciatic nerve injury
  • Assistance with significant carpus virus due to systemic disease
  • Correction of poor conformation of the hock joint (hyperextension)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. My dog has a rear limb Knee problem (ACL or Patella). Will Walkin’ Pet Splints work for my dog? No, splints will support the lower limb for the animal but will not go high enough to support the knee on the dog.
  2. My dog seems to fall in-between sizes in your chart, should I order the larger size? Splints are a standard size splint and will not conform to every contour of the animal’s limb. If the measurement is not right on, try using the weight information on the sizing chart.
  3. Can I change or remold the splint with heat? Yes, you can heat and Flair the plastic away from a problem area but you can not change the angle of the splint. You will need a Heat Gun to do any modifications and, of course, the splint is non-returnable.
  4. Does the splint have any tread or soling on the bottom so the dog will not slip? Yes, the splints have a non-skid soling surface on the bottom.
  5. Do the splints have any padding inside and can it be cleaned? Yes, the splints are fully lined with a closed cell foam that can be washed.