Pig on wheels – Chris P Bacon

“My name is Chris P. Bacon. I am a pig in a wheelchair. My veterinarian Dr. Len Lucero decided that I needed to be given a second chance. A young woman reluctantly brought me to Dr. Lucero and asked that I be euthanized because she did not know what kind of life I would have. I have a congenital defect that affects my rear legs, but I am otherwise happy and healthy. I went home with Dr. Lucero that day, so that I would have a chance at life as a handicapped pig. I live in Florida and love my new life!”

Pig in Wheelchair – Chris P Bacon

Chris P. Bacon on ABC Action News

Pig in Wheelchair Part II – Chris P Bacon

Me and my dad – Chris P Bacon

Halloween 2013 – Chris P Bacon

Pig named Chris P. Bacon visits kids Hospital – 2014