Wheelchairs for Handicapped Dogs

At one time, when your dog became disabled and restricted from normal activities, there was little to do to provide it the best quality of life. Rehabilitation has since become common for handicapped animals with various wheelchairs, carts and other handicapped dog products. Contributing factors necessitating support for your pet may be surgery, accidents, arthritis, degenerative disc disorder, a ligament injury, degenerative myelopathy and hip dysplasia. The type of handicapped dog accessories that your pet may need depends upon the actual disorder, severity and disability.

A handicapped dog cart or wheelchair can give your pet the freedom to live a normal, happy life by improving its overall well-being and quality of life. The handicapped dog products available can give your dog the ability to run, play and get the exercise he or she needs. With the personality and unconditional love of most dogs, they adjust so well to most handicapped dog products without even realizing they suffer with an immobility condition.


Handicapped dog accessories come in a wide range to fit all your needs and those of your immobilized pet. Wheelchairs come in various shapes and styles to help your pet through its particular disability. In rare cases, dog wheelchairs can even be custom-made for extra cost and pet comfort. If you have a disabled dog that suffers from a weakness within all four limbs, a Front Wheel Attachment may give your dog maximum and protected mobility. Typically this attachment latches to a standard rear wheel cart like the Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair. The Walkin’ Wheels accommodates dogs weighing 20 to 150 pounds, is easy to measure for your dog, and straps the pet in safely with a padded harness for the dog’s comfort and protection. The Front Wheel Attachment adjusts with the cart and has a padded chin-rest.

Handicapped animals cannot tell you that they are uncomfortable so you need to pay close attention to their behavior. There are many other options in protecting your dog. Another one of the handicapped dog accessories to protect your pet is the “Boots as Stirrups” replacement kit which replaces the stirrups on your dog’s Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair for a more custom fit and comfort. The “Boots as Stirrups” hold your dog’s rear feet off the ground and protect all feet from the discomfort of walking on sticks, stones, hot asphalt or any other rough-type terrain. This handicapped dog product comes with two Walkin’ Wheels boots and two stirrup slings, although the boots can be purchased separately, if necessary. All the attachments are easily secured to your dog’s Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair.

Among the many handicapped dog products available for your incapacitated pet, are the many fabric harnesses and slings to meet your dog’s particular needs, and you as its caregiver. Handicapped animals do not complain, even in the worst of times. A product known as the Fabric Walkin’ Lift Rear Harness can help to support your dog’s hind quarters. You can assist your dog in walking with the clip-in handles, and it is also compatible with the Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair, substituting its leg rings. Take advantage of the handicapped accessories that provide your restricted dog as normal a life as possible.

Handicapped animals never think of themselves as hindered in their abilities to enjoy their lives while providing you with their loyalty and unconditional love. Whether you are looking for a handicapped dog cart, wheelchair or other handicapped dog accessories, you as the caregiver and pet parent of your loyal companion can help your pet with quality of life. Immobility for your dog does not mean its life is over or even limited.

A fabulous accessory that can attach to the handicapped dog cart or wheelchair is a personalized license plate. How special to have a plate to dress up its “vehicle” with your pets name and a photo! You can choose a photo of your dog’s breed or for a little extra, choose to have your own pet’s face and name on its license plate. All proceeds from all license plate purchases are donated to the Handicapped Pets Foundation. What a great way to help other dogs with immobility problems while honoring your own precious pet!

When you have a dog, you commit your life to providing responsible care for your pet. In the worst of times, know that you can help your dog live as normal a life as possible, with the abilities to run, play and be happy – enjoying the quality of life that it deserves as your companion and canine best friend.