Why Walkin’ Wheels

The Walkin’ Wheels Adjustable Wheelchair, Learn More

There are a number of Dog Wheelchairs available on the market today. You’ll find old-style custom made ones, cheap PVC models, wheelchairs made of tubing, and more. Confused? Then this page is for you.

First, what do the experts say?

Walkin’ Wheels is the ONLY dog wheelchair that has earned the Animal Wellness Seal of Approval. Animal Wellness Magazine is a leading resource for caretakers of disabled animals

Hundreds of Veterinarians in United States recommend the Walkin’ Wheels Dog wheelchair and can assist with questions about fitting and use.

What’s more, the Patented Walkin’ Wheels is sold worldwide in over 22 countries. It is the ONLY dog wheelchair to have received US and International Patents.

Our Customers. Read HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of customer testimonials with photos and videos here: Dog Wheelchair Testimonials. Join over 45,000 friends on the largest dog wheelchair community in the world on Facebook.

Award Winning: The Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair Best Innovation in the Category of Animal Health and Integration of Pets in Society at the Mascota Pet Show.

The Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair achieved top honors “Best Product Award” during the H.H. Backer 44th Annual Pet Industry Christmas Trade Show & Educational Conference

Featured on Animal Planet, Dog Fancy, NECN, ABC News, and much, much more. Walkin’ Wheels is the most popular, bestselling fully-adjustable dog wheelchair anywhere.

How does it Compare?

Custom vs. Adjustable Dog Wheelchairs.

In the past, dog wheelchairs were custom-made for every dog. To order, you would need to take a number of exact measurements and send them away to have the wheelchair made. When you received it, it would fit your dog if you made the measurements correctly. The down-side is that if your dog grew, gained weight, or had changes in health the wheelchair would not adjust to accomidate. In addition, if your dog was simply uncomfortable in the chair there was little or nothing your could do. When the owner of a custom-made wheelchair no longer needed it, there was little he could do as the chair only fit a certain shape and size of dog.

Now, with the adjustable dog wheelchair, the product is shipped same day, requiring only one measurement, the dog’s height, so the correct wheel size can be chosen. The cart fits perfectly because YOU fit it. You can adjust it as needed, without toold, to accomidate the changes in your pet. When you’re done with it, it can be resized to fit any other dog. If you choose to re-sell it, you can often get 75% of what your paid for it on Ebay or on a dog wheelchair classifieds site.

Rotating Wheels – Folding Flat and Activity Adjustments.

The fact that the wheelchair folds flat with the twist of a dial is a great benefit. First, the angle of the wheel can be adjusted backwards for extremely active dogs (like the one that climbed Mt. Washington in a Dog Wheelchair – World Record) or angles forward for less active dogs. This also means that you can fold up the wheelchair to carry with you, or put in the trunk of a car. You can’t do that with other dog wheelchairs!

The Cost

Unfortunately, the most high-tech dog wheelchair available is not the cheapest. There are some less expensive ones available made of PVC, and one that comes unassembled and you have to assemble it yourself (Careful: they hide this fact in their ads.)

The fact is, you don’t want to take any chances when it comes to your dog’s health and comfort and, if you calculate in the ability to re-sell the wheelchair, the resale value makes it the lowest cost choice.


Uses for a dog wheelchair

Custom made dog wheelchairs are fine if you have a dog who needs it perminently, and who is not expected to change in health, size, or weight. Adjustable dog wheelchairs can be used for rehabilitation. This is an excellent feature. With this, you can use it for a short period, adjusting it as needed to put more or less weight on the dog’s legs and back end.

Pet Hospitals and veterinary clinics often have a few on hand to lend or rent out for short term use, or use the Walkin’ Wheels Rental program which allows you to get a wheelchair for six weeks at about $35/week. The program works with a buy-back fearure where you are guaranteed half the purchase proce refunded in six weeks.


Dog Wheelchair Buyer’s Checklist:

1 – Facebook Community. Read what other people are saying, in public. The company with the largest Facebook community has something special.

2 – Warranty Policy. What is the return policy? (Careful: One company claims No Questions Asked 100% returns, but this isn’t what their customers say.)

3 – Resale Value. Can the dog wheelchair be easily adjusted to fit other dogs? What is the re-sale value?

4 – Customer Support. Does the company have knowledge that people can help ?

5 – Comfort. Does the chair adjust so the dog can be comfortable?

6 – Ship Time. How long does it take to ship the product?


Even More


How was the Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair created and why is it better than other dog carts?

History Benefits Comparison

The Walkin’ Wheels was first introduced in August 2008 and has changed the canine cart industry. It is different from all the pet wheels sold in the last 20 years because it is completely adjustable. This means that the Walkin’ Wheels can be purchased ‘off the shelf’, will be shipped immediately, fit your dog perfectly, and can be resold to any other dog when you no longer need it. In addition, the Walkin’ Wheels is the first k9 cart that can be used, not only on dogs with permanent mobility problems, but also on dogs who need temporary help during recovery and rehabilitation.

Adjust length, width, and height without tools.


The Walkin’ Wheels was invented by Mark C. Robinson, founder and president of HandicappedPets.com and the founder of the Handicapped Pets Foundation.


“Since 2002, I was selling custom made dog wheelchairs on my website at HandicappedPets.com. The carts were made by Doggon, Eddies Wheels, and K9 Carts. I would get my customers to provide up to 15 exacting measurements of their dog and I would provide them to the wheelchair company. The company would usually call the customer once or twice to check a measurement then build their cart. After two weeks or more, the customer would receive their cart and I would receive a small commission.”

During that time, Mark C. Robinson sold thousands of dog wheelchairs and wrote the popular “Dog Wheelchair Buyer’s Guide,” an 88 page book with hundreds of photos about buying and using dog wheelchairs.

“I kept in touch with my customers and, while they were extremely grateful that their dogs could walk again, they have a large number of complaints (these are actual customer comments):

  • The Dog Wheelchair took way too long to get.
  • The measurements were extremely difficult to take accurately.
  • I got one of the measurements wrong and had to send the dog cart back to the manufacturer.
  • My dog recovered and I didn’t need the wheelchair anymore but the manufacturer said, because it was custom made, I couldn’t get much of my money back.
  • I only needed the dog cart for a few weeks while my dog recovered.
  • I did not have the strength to lift my dog in and out of the cart.
  • My dog wouldn’t use the dog cart, but I couldn’t get a refund.
  • The cart was so big that it couldn’t even fit in the back seat of my car. I had to strap it to the roof to get it to the park.
  • The dog wheels were made of bent aluminum tubing and radiator hose clamps. It looks awful.
  • The pet wheelchair was all sharp corners and had bolts sticking out. I was cut twice.
  • My dog regained some use of his back legs and the cart needed to be lowered so he could use his legs and strengthen them — but the dog cart would not adjust.
  • I didn’t need the pet wheelchair anymore and I wanted to sell it, but I had to find a dog the exact same size as mine.
  • I went to donate it to a shelter, but they didn’t want it — they said they already had dozens that never fit right.

So I began the process of designing the dog wheelchair that all my customers seemed to want. I hired a group of designers, engineers, manufacturers, and worked closely with an animal rehabilitation specialist, veterinarians, and customers. Together we designed the Walkin’ Wheels for Handicapped Pets.”

Since they started selling in August 2008, thousands of dogs have been able to walk again. Walkin’ Wheels has won the hearts of countless professionals worldwide; veterinarians, animal rehabilitation experts, veterinary supply distributors, pet stores, rescue groups, and animal lovers everywhere.

Benefits of the Walkin Wheels Dog Wheelchair.

  • Adjustable: One size fits all dogs from 20 to 200 pounds.
  • Easy to Order: Requires only one approximate measurement to help determine the right size wheels.
  • Off-The-Shelf: Available for overnight delivery.
  • Folds Flat for easy transportation and storage.
  • Easy to use: Dog can be put in, and taken out of the wheelchair without lifting.
  • High Grade, extruded aluminum frame is virtually indestructible.
  • Stainless Steel, no-rust parts.
  • No tools needed for adjustment.
  • Serviceable: All parts and components can be easily replaced.
  • High Resale Value: Because it will fit any dog, used Walkin’ Wheels are easy to sell (try ebay or the HandicappedPets.com Classifieds)
  • Veterinarian Approved: Dozens of veterinarians use and write about the Walkin’ Wheels.
  • Award Winning: Walkin Wheel’s won Best Innovation Award for Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair at Mascota International Pet Show.
  • Looks Great: A Slick design is nothing to be ashamed of.
  • Return Policy: If the cart is returned in ‘like new’ condition, our return policy is easy.
  • Backed by the largest, most reputable handicapped pet website (you know the one!).